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AccuStaff of Florence is dedicated in providing the highest quality of service to both our clients and talents by offering competitive rates and reasonable pay. Ensuring the utmost integrity and professionalism backed with a smile and a caring heart.
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AccuStaff is a local staffing service in Florence SC. We’ve been locally owned for almost 30 years and have been proudly staffing companies in the Pee Dee area. Click below to learn more about Accustaff of Florence from our news and media items.

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Lashaun S.

Very Professional staff. I loved how they took the time to look at my resume and match me with jobs that I love. The Florence Center, Honda and S&W Manufacturing have all been great opportunities for me. Thank you to all of the staff there. These past three weeks have been the best in my entire work history and you ladies made that possible.


Tray C.

This is probably the worst place to try to work for watch out for Rita Cook she will do anything to stop you from having a job no one acts like they care it's a very unprofessional place


John D.

This agency needs to be more professional, Courtney the office assistant needs to learn manners and how to talk the people, her attitude totally sucks. Rita Cook the office manager isn't much better she saves higher paying jobs for certain individuals. She sent me on temp job for a day and then the next day they only claim the have enough work for a 4hr day. When this same place bus loads Palmer Correctional inmates to and from work when regular folks need work also. Rita calls me to do a temp job for a company,after my day was done, when I went by office so they could document my time, the office manager said she liked my performance and would like to continue to use me, but Rita said I belong to accustaff and a contractor they use and acted(Rita) like they were giving me plenty of work, so I replied Rita has misled them that they haven't been working me. The office assistant had to know accustaff is full of it and I've heard others complain of Rita and how they handle business. All this is documented also, it's just a matter of time, the owners need to hear about this or maybe the media will have a ball with it and other agencies can fill this void.

About AccuStaff - Florence and reviews